When you use EDO for your optical orders, it’s more than a transaction. It’s a partnership that pays dividends for your practice.

Elevate Digital Optics is an independent, doctor-owned optical lab, founded as a response to a diminishing number of options that aren’t impersonal, and corporate. We combine the best technology with the best service, unmatched transparency, and a community of shareholder ODs that our customers love being a part of. Most importantly, we treat you the way you deserve to be treated — by getting to know you and your practice, we can provide better service, better products, and more satisfied patients.

Modern Lens Manufacturing

Personalized Service

We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to every order and every customer. That means helping you manage each order you put through our system, whether it needs special considerations for a patient’s unique needs or it requires last-minute adjustments or modifications. Because of this, we can provide a level of flexibility and customization that the corporate labs simply cannot.


We’ve curated our vendor partners to provide the best technology possible. From the best lens blanks to (literally) cutting-edge designs and coatings, we inject the latest technology at every step in the process so that the final products are more than just the sum of their parts — they’re a testament to what happens when everything is done with an unwavering dedication to quality.


EDO Modern Lens Lab


Unlike our competitors, who deliberately obscure pricing information and insight into their process, we want our customers to be able to trust us completely when they choose us as their primary optical lab. We’ll always make sure you understand our product selection and pricing options, and from the first order you put through our system, you’ll have access to real-time updates at every turn.

OD Partnerships

Maybe the most unique part of our business model is that we don’t just want you to do business with us — we want you to join us. EDO started as a group of ODs trying to get away from the large, corporate labs. Our shareholder program is an extension of this, providing access to benefits like better margins on products, collaboration with like-minded professionals, and unparalleled freedom of choice.

EDO Optometrists

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