Trusted Suppliers

Our technology partners are an integral part of who we are and the products we can provide for you and your patients — from base materials to innovative designs and the finishing touches that make Elevate Digital Optics truly unique.

At EDO, we’re proud of everything we can accomplish for our customers, and our decisions about who we choose to work with are the result of an unstoppable drive to find the best quality, consistency, and optical technology. The result is an selection of the latest, most advanced, and most trustworthy suppliers in the industry, from lens blanks to lens designs and coatings — resulting in an array of products that are more than the sum of their parts.

Lens Blanks

Lens Blanks

Without a great foundation, everything fails. The same logic applies to optical lenses, which is why we partner with the leaders in lens production, Younger Optics. Younger has been producing top-quality lenses for nearly seven decades, was the first manufacturer to use industry-standard polycarbonate material, and still leads the industry in innovation today.

Lens Designs

We’re proud to offer a wide range of lens designs to meet any set of optical needs. With some of the latest designs to hit the market, including Camber Steady Plus Progressives from IOT, Autograph Intelligence ™ from Shamir, the extensive Unity designs, and cutting-edge Neurolens® designs, we have curated a catalogue of the best technology to give your patients the best vision possible.

Lens designs
Lens coating

Lens Coatings

A quality coating can make all the difference when it comes to your patients’ quality of vision. To put the finishing touches on our eyewear, we offer top-of-the-line lens coatings, including the industry’s lightest hardcoat, mirrored, and anti-reflective finishes from Quantum and IOT’s latest line of stylish, light-adjustable neochromes.

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