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When you join our community of independent ODs, you unlock access to exclusive rebates, better margins on products, and freedom from the restrictions imposed on your practice by faceless corporate labs.

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Preserve Your Independence

Because our industry is owned and operated by a few large corporations, accepting certain vision insurance may restrict your options when it comes to choosing a lab to work with. As an EDO shareholder, you can enjoy true independence and freedom of choice.

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Collaborate with Your Peers

EDO started as a collective of like-minded, independent ODs trying to get away from the large, corporate labs. Joining our community of shareholders means getting access to a collaborative network of doctors sharing tools, strategies, and innovations.

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Take Advantage of
Exclusive Pricing

We want to make sure our members are getting the best possible margins when they order with us. Right now, that means rebates on our products, and as we grow, we strive to continue to scale the incentives of exclusive status as an EDO shareholder.

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Take Part in Critical
Business Decisions

We’re committed to preserving our identity as an independent lab, founded, owned, and operated by doctors, for doctors. When you become an EDO shareholder, you’ll get access to our virtual shareholders’ meetings and have a voice in every decision we make.

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A Comprehensive Optical Experience

When you join our community of independent ODs, you unlock access to exclusive shareholder profit sharing, better product margins, and freedom from the restrictions imposed on your practice by faceless corporate labs.

Benefit Your Bottom Line

Our prices are already competitive with the big labs, even though we offer a more customized approach (resulting in a higher-quality end product). For shareholders, we want to take it even further. In exchange for a one-time membership fee, we offer exclusive rebates so you can get the best margins possible on every order. Being a shareholder also means more choice in the market — you’re free to opt out from the restrictions placed on you by VSP and EyeMed.


Dr. Shawn Kelly headshot
Elevate Digital Optics is a unique doctor owned full-service lab based in Dallas. Their emphasis on personalized service and quality product offerings are second to none. With their help, my practice was able to take real control of our cost of goods, were able to pass that savings onto our patients, out compete other optical labs, and became more profitable with vision care plans. It’s a no brainer!

Dr. Shawn Kelly in McKinney, TX

Dr. Tommy Lucas headshot
EDO is our lab of choice for our 7 optometrist, 2 location practice in Central Texas. We need a lab partner that is nimble, responsive, and produces very high-quality work. The consistent service and product along with the personal attention to our needs make EDO the perfect extension of our in-house lab.

Dr. Tommy Lucas, First Eye Care Killeen

Dr. Peter Cass headshot
EDO allowed me to save Up to 40% by not paying for somebody else’s name to be on the lens. They also provided me with the highest quality lenses and designs for my patients. And EDO gave me the opportunity to invest in the lab and have ownership in something special in the optometry market place.

Dr. Peter Cass

Become Part of a Supportive Community

When we founded EDO, our goal was to build a collective of ODs who were focused on supporting each other’s businesses. You can think of our member community like a buying group. We share insights about advancements in technology and patient care, have discussions about developments in our industry, and brainstorm strategies to grow our businesses while preserving the independence that brought us together in the first place.


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