Elevate Digital Optics

Dr Blake Hughes

Elevate Digital Optics

There is no other lab like EDO. As independent ODs managing an independent lab, we have walked in your shoes. We combine sophisticated technology with decades of patient care experience to create products that set us apart us from the rest.

  • Modern Lens Manufacturing
  • Family of Independent OD's & Optical Professionals
  • Genuine Independence
  • OD Owned
  • Innovative Utilization of Modern Technology

Peace of mind. That’s what you get when you choose Elevate Digital Optics.

Dr. Blake Hughes
Elevate Digital Optics, CEO

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Modern Manufacturing

Quality First - The Process Matters

Quality is always our first and foremost priority and we will never sacrifice quality to save a quick buck.  EDO utilizes modern manufacturing equipment and digital management processes to ensure quality is consistent and reliable.  Quality materials, efficient process, and experienced people are what ensure a great patient outcome and consistent result on every order.




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Innovative Technology

Happy Optician, Happy Life

Work In Progress reports are nice but what about real time job tracking!  You can see exactly where your orders are, in real time, as they progress through the lab.

Communication is key to any relationship and certainly true with a lab relationship.  EDO has a free text communication tool that makes your life easier by:

  • One consistent point of contact.
  • All in-house experts are at your finger tips and no need to re-explain a situation.
  • You can send us a quick message and walk away!  Your time is precious and a quick message can be much more efficient.
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Genuine Independence

You Can Be A Shareholder

We want you to join our team of OD owners, sit next to us at shareholder meetings, and help determine the direction of our lab.  There is no greater guarantee of transparency or peace of mind.







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