Transparent Pricing

Taking the mystery out of the optical lab experience
At Elevate Digital Optics, our steadfast commitment is to do things differently. We’re an independent, OD-owned lab, founded as an alternative to our large, restrictive corporate competitors. We don’t obscure our pricing until you’re already locked into an agreement like they do. We take pride in making sure our customers know exactly what they’re paying for and see the value in the service they get—with every order, they place with us.
Independent lens technition at EDO

Why You Can Trust Us

At EDO, we aim to be a partner and a trusted resource for every one of our customers, for a very simple reason: there’s no difference between us and you. We’re doctors who, when faced with the prospect of handling our orders with faceless corporate labs, decided to go our own way. EDO’s founders and shareholders are a collective of independent ODs, looking for freedom of choice and the best possible rates for the latest technology and best range of products on the market today.

Our Products and Prices

Our product selection changes frequently to match the latest trends and top-of-the-line technology in our industry. We never want to misquote you for a certain product or a modification to your order so our straightforward price sheet is available on request. At EDO, we’ve carefully curated our vendors to supply you with the highest quality products and best designs to provide your patients with exceptional outcomes and personal service — at the most competitive prices.
EDO lens coating lab
EDO lens tracking and pricing system

Real-Time Updates

For us, “transparency” doesn’t just mean up-front pricing. It also means you’re able to see the value in what you’re paying every time you place an order. One half of that equation is high-quality products, something we refuse to compromise on. The other is insight throughout the process. With our unique order tracking system, you’ll be able to see the current phase of production each of your orders are in and receive real-time order updates that keep you informed at every turn.

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